There is nothing as powerful as the love and passion for the most followed game globally ” Football “.  The biggest sporting event on the planet is back again and this time the host nation is Brazil. Its just a matter of hours before the sporting mega event kicks of in Rio with a grand opening ceremony. You can watch the opening ceremony live , here. The FIFA World Cup 2014, the 20th edition of FIFA World Cup is going to be held from 12th June 2014 to 13th July 2014. For our readers in this post we are going to bring you 15 Reasons That Make Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Really Special. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did putting it together for you.

15 Reasons That Make Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Really Special

15. WAGS : Wives and Girlfriends

WAGS have been a part of the world cup from 2006. WAGS refer to wives and girlfriends of the players participating in the world cup .  With hot couples like Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas, Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo, Pique and Shakira , you sure don’t want to miss out on the other beautiful WAGS this time around.


14. Legends

Legends like Pele , Ronaldo are from Brazil and Brazil were known the football giants for a long time. Moreover there would be all time legendary players like Maradona , Beckenbauer, Muller, Rossi, Cruyff, Romario supporting their home teams.


13. Death Games | Goal Keepers

There is no better time to know the value of Goal Keepers in football then in the death games which go down to penalties and goal keepers save the pride of their countries. There are some amazing goal keepers in this edition of world cup too like Gigi Buffon, Iker Casillas … before them, Dino Zoff, Gordon Banks, Lev Yashin.

goal keepers

12. Jerseys 

Jerseys have been a part of the world cup forever. This gives the players a feeling of nationalism and style. Nike has already released awesome jerseys of the 32 nations participating in the world cup. Check all the jerseys , here.


11. NEYMAR : One Man Entire Nation

Can Neymar carry the hopes of entire nation like he did in Confederations Cup. Can he do it again in his backyard on the biggest stage again. Fingers Crossed , lets hope he does.



Its not just about  a ball that can be kicked and played with. 2010 Jabulani proved to be a disaster with even the best players finding it difficult to control its weight and texture. Adidas has been bringing out new installments of Footballs every 4 years since 1970. Lets see how brazuca comes around.



World Cup songs and anthems have been a rage . Fans all across the world look forward to the official song and anthem for the world cup . This time the official song ole ole and official anthem we will find a way did disappoint the fans. But both are played in loops during the world cup in Brazil.


8. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Only place where you can see all the greatest present day footballers representing their nation . Its going to be awesome one month of joy,happiness and football. Ronaldo and Messi are two great players , everyone would be looking at them , reports will follow them first and later their team. Lets hope they are exciting and play their best football.

ronaldo and messi


Paul a German octopus predicted correct results on 8 matches in 2010 world cup. This was a talk around the world . We had Citta the Indian elephant fail to reach the same heights at Euro 2012. Now, it’s supposedly over to a panda from China.

paul the octopus

6. For Moments that Freeze in time

Everyone remembers the final from the world cup 2010. If not the match you must remember the headbutt . Zidu hit Materazzi with head, that moment has been recorded in history forever , the final would be remembered for that. Similarly lets see what moments are instore for us this time around.

zinedine zidane

5. Social  Media World Cup

About 700 million people saw the 2010 world cup final . This time its estimated around 1billion will see the final. All thanks to social media which promotes and engage the audience in a way that reach of the game touches more and more fans globally.

social media

4.  Fifa Fan fest

Fifa has made arrangement and all the host cities would also host the fifa fan fest. Fan fest location ha giant screens where fans can watch their favorite teams play at the world cup publicly along with other fans. The locations are awesome and fifa fan fest have been a great success in the past.


3. Biodiversity

Brazil is considered to have the greatest biodiversity of any country on the planet. It has the most known species of plants (55,000), freshwater fish (3000) and mammals (over 689).  It also ranks third on the list of countries with the most number of bird species (1832) and second with the most reptile species (744).


2. Not a matter of life and death its more

For next one month life would stop, it wont be matter of life and death , it would be more. Days are not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, but Chile/Australia, Italy/England.

football more than life

1.  Its where Football has always been

Brazil has always been at the heart of football and has given the world , players like Pele , Ronaldo , Cafu , Ronaldino , Roberto Carlos etc. Now Neymar is carrying the hopes for a entire nation on this shoulders. Brazil are hot favorites this time .

football has always been here


So these were the 15 Reasons That Make Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Really Special . We hope you liked and enjoyed these moments as much as we did. Check our website for more interesting stuff on Football 2014 world cup in Brazil.