Football World Cup 2014 is just few days away . Excitement for the most followed game on the planet is at its extreme again where thousands of fans around the world are busy making arrangements to fly to Brazil to see their teams play at world cup. We have decided to share our love for the game through this website . Now since everyone is all geared up for football fever , we decided to put together 35 Most Amazing Photos from History Of Football for our readers and football fans . These photographs are amazing and i am sure you would love watching them as much as we do love to put them together for you. You can also check the fifa team previews from this link.

35 Most Amazing Photos from History Of Football

Now below are what we think are some amazing collection of photographs from the history of Football.

35. This picture captures the moment when David Beckham successfully scored a goal from the center line playing for Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson.

football world cup 2014


34 .  Gareth Southgate unforgettable reaction as he missed penalty in the semi final of Euro Cup 1996. The reaction of players who miss the penalties in decider matches is priceless.

football world cup 2014 - 3


33. The stylish Colombian goal keeper Rene Higuita was the first person ever to use scorpion kick. This was his talent or his style , but he definitely introduced this kick to the western world.

football world cup 2014 - 4


32. Ryan Gigg is one the most respected players around the world. He has been a loyal Manunited player for around 2 seasons. Recently Man U played their first match with Giggs as coach. This moment is from 1999 when he scored against Arsenal showing off his chest hair in excitement.

football world cup 2014 - 5


31. Sergio Aguero was the hero in a memorable clash where city defeated their arch rivals Manchester United to win the title . Sergio Aguero entered in the extra time and with a pass from Balotelli , he scored a goal. The city fans can be seen celebrating this in this beautiful image.

footbal world cup 2014

30. In the football world cup in 1982 in Spain , Italy played some amazing games to win the title that year. This pic shows Italy team bringing back the trophy to homeland.

footbal world cup 2014-1

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29. The football genius or the most amazing player in the world can be seen tackling half the side of Real Madrid during their clash with them during th El Classico .This pic truly shows what messy is all about.

footbal world cup 2014-3

28. The battle of old Trafford .In Sept 2003 , Arsenal was playing Man U at Old Trafford when the game turned out to be the most ferocious game in history of EPL. In this pic Arsenal center back  Martin Keown is seen celebrating jumping over Van Nistelrooy when he missed the final penalty.

footbal world cup 2014-4

27. Notorious hardman Vinnie Jones is best personified by this photograph, in which he grabs an unassuming Paul Gascoigne by the testicles.

footbal world cup 2014-5

26. Mario Balotelli has been a part of lots of troll pics lately 😀 . He is mostly in the news for his actions on or off the field. This was in the game where city clashed Man U 6-1 .

footbal world cup 2014-6

25. Jose Mourinho , current Chelsea coach famous pic where he announced himself to the english fans and media when his team Porto defeated Man U at Old Trafford in 2004. After this he became the Chelsea Manager next season.

footbal world cup 2014-7

24. Paolo Di Canio is a self-confessed fascist and he endeared himself to the Lazio faithful even further by performing a Roman salute in front of the fascist Lazio ultras.

footbal world cup 2014-8


23. Peter Schmeichel  , Man U captain in 1999 UEFA Final against Bayern Munich was seen cartwheeling when his side turned the tables by scoring 2 goals in the last minute to win the title 2-1. He was himself involved in the win as he took the corner.

footbal world cup 2014-9


22.  The dirty side of game is well seen in this photograph where Dutch hardman Frank Rijkaard spat in Rudi Voller’s hair during the fiery 1990 World Cup clash between the Netherlands and West Germany.

footbal world cup 2014-10

21. One of most amazing pics where Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho are seen together . While Jose was  a assistant coach at Barca , Pep was midfielder. Who knew their friendship would turn into biggest management rivalry of future.

footbal world cup 2014-11

20. Despite a nation expecting from a single man , Beckham was able to perform when it mattered. He scored a goal from free kick against Greece to make sure England qualifies for the World Cup 2002.

footbal world cup 2014-12

19. Has own goal ever been so expensive. A own goal by Andres Escobar’s did not only led his team exit from the world cup 1994 but also he was killed after returning to his homeland. He was shot.

footbal world cup 2014-13

18. This was Diego Maradona’s last goal fro Argentina in the 1994 world cup when few days later he was tested positive for a drug test.

footbal world cup 2014-14

17.  Right after 9 months when Real signed Zinedine Zidane for 50million pounds, he scored one of the best goals in history from a cross by Roberto Carlos taking Real to win their 9th Champions League title.

footbal world cup 2014-15

16. This was one of the most amazing comebacks in history. Liverpool came back from 3-0 at half time to win the title in penalties scoring 3 goals in second half. Jerzy Dudek  , Liverpool’s goal keeper was man of the match as he saved the penalty to give Liverpool the title.

footbal world cup 2014-16

15. This was last season when Liverpool’s star player Luiz Saurez bite Chelsea’s Ivanovic . The match was crucial and season had been good for Luiz until this when he got ten match ban.

footbal world cup 2014-17

14. Head injuries or leg breaks are big enough reasons to catch attention in matches , but Fabrice Muamba injury went beyond everything. The Bolton Wanderers midfielder collapsed during their match against Tottenham Hotspur. Muamba suffered cardiac arrest and received defibrillator shocks whilst on the pitch.

His heart stopped for about 78 minutes , but luckily somehow he managed to survive. The match was abandoned.

footbal world cup 2014-18

13. This pic was captioned ” 10 Heroic Lions, 1 Stupid Boy ” by many when David Beckham  was shown a red card in a match against Argentina in 1998 world cup in France. England lost this match in penalties but Beckham was blamed for England’s exit from the tournament.

footbal world cup 2014-19

12. One of the best players of the world , Kaka is shown kneeling down and showing where his trust and faith belongs too after defeating Liverpool 2-1 in UEFA Champions league final in 2007.

footbal world cup 2014-20

11.  When most players say they put their blood and sweat in their game , they dont literally mean it. But Terry Butcher certainly means it. As is clear from the game , he got his head wounded in a world cup qualifying game but he continued to play.

footbal world cup 2014-21

10. This goal was imp in some ways. Not only did it make England win the world cup but it also made Hurst first player ever to score a hatrick in most imp football fixture , a world cup final.

footbal world cup 2014-22

09. This was  a game between world cup holders England and world cup favorites Brazil. This was also a meeting between world’s best defender Bobby Moore and World’s best striker Pele.

footbal world cup 2014-23

08. This pic is from the famous dentist moment by Gazza and other players.

footbal world cup 2014-24

07. Andrea Iniesta , one of my favorite players , celebrates after scoring a goal in extra time in 2010 world cup final giving Spain their maiden world cup win. He dedicated his goal to former Spain captain Dani who died of one year before the world cup.

footbal world cup 2014-25

06. Marc-Vivien Foe , Cameroon player died on the field unfortunately in the 2003 Fifa Federation Cup.

footbal world cup 2014-26

05. John Terry failed to give Chelsea their first Champions League title when he slipped while taking a penalty against Man U in 2008.

footbal world cup 2014-27

04. This pic is called as Hell in Milan. This is from the famous quarter final match between AC Milan and Inter Milan. Inter was losing 3-0 on aggregate , and a goal was disallowed causing this disturbance from the fans.

footbal world cup 2014-29

03. This is a pretty famous pic for the English Fans when England lifted the world cup after beating their arch rivals Germany 4-2 to go onto win the World Cup. Captain Bobby Moore holding the cup.

footbal world cup 2014-30

02. This is one of most emotional pic which explains the love of game. A armless fan comes to celebrate with the players following his country win against Netherlands in 1978 final. Argentina defeated the dutch 3-1 at home.

footbal world cup 2014-31

01. This has to be the most iconic pic of last century in Sports. All time great Maradona scored what is now called  ” Hand of God ” goal against England in the 1986 world cup quarter final. Argentina went onto win the match and then the world cup that year.

footbal world cup 2014-32

This was the list of the 35 Most Amazing Photos from History Of Football. We would like to thank for image sources . Please share your favorite moments in the comment section below.