Beckham believes England will make it through to the 2014 FIFA World CupFootball legend David Beckham believes England would make it through to next year’s FIFA World Cup finals in Brazil as they prepare for their final two key qualifying matches.

England face Montenegro and Poland at Wembley later this month and lead Ukraine by just 1 point in the Group H of the UEFA Qualification stage. However, a victory in both matches will be enough to ensure qualification for the 2014 World Cup.


However, former England captain Beckham, asked if the current side were winners, replied : “I do.

“There’s a transitional period that was always going to happen. You see it throughout sport, you see it throughout teams and countries and obviously Roy Hodgson has come in and done a good job.

“There’s a lot of young players in the team and we’ve still got those players that they can look up to like Frank Lampard, like Stevie G (Steven Gerrard),” Beckham added.

“There’s players in there that have been in there for many, many years who have experienced World Cups and big games.

“So they have got those players that have got the experience in there, but young players will only learn when they’re playing and that’s what Roy has done.

“He’s brought in a couple of young players that are the future of English football.”

Beckham, who retired from competitive football following a short stint with Paris St Germain last season, said: “I think people like to see winners and see teams and the country you support and live in be the best.

“That’s why we are a country of believers and there are high expectations in our country.

“Whenever we go into a competition, whether it be football, whether it be any other sport, there’s always high expectations and that’s rightly so, because we’re a country that’s passionate about our sport and we’re believers and that should never change.”