With Fifa World Cup starting today there is no better time to promote fifa 15 video game . EA has lunched the trailer for the game and recently it also released the official visual emotions and features from Fifa 15. Fifa 14 received mixed response from people though the graphics were awesome. Fifa 15 comes with a tagline ” Feel The Game ” and EA sports seems to have made a dedicated effort in raising the bar by bringing in huge improvement in the graphics. Its a next generation game and comes with similar features on PC, PS4 and Xbox. The game offers intense emotions along with specially advanced artificial intelligence and incredible visuals and more advanced control over players & ball. For the football lovers we will share information about the Fifa 15 Release Date,Features, Pre-Order Available BY EA. Fifa game lovers can pre order their favorite game right away.


Fifa 15 Release Date,Features, Pre-Order Available BY EA

We shall discuss above topics step by step. Gaming lovers have been waiting for new edition of fifa video game for quite some time now. Plus EA releasing a new edition every September , we expected this edition to come up in September too. Moreover with world cup starting on 12th June , the search and the craze for Fifa 15 has no upper bar. Lets see the release date for Fifa 15.

Fifa 15 Release Date :   As per the previous editions and as per our anticipations, EA is releasing Fifa 15 on 23rd September 2014 in USA and 25th September in Europe. When a series like Fifa reaches maturity it’s often hard to work out where to go next. The gameplay is balanced, the graphics are gorgeous – what’s missing? Well, if you’re EA then the answer is apparently’ moody footballers’ with Fifa 15 – launching September 23 for current-gen and last-gen consoles as well as the PC – promising that each of the 22 players on the pitch will have their own emotional states.

Players models , their emotions and physique have been redesigned giving them a lean and clean look. The emotions are a big part of fifa 15 and its hard to imagine what further improvement will this massive game undergo.

Fifa 15 Features : Visual Enhancement are  a massive improvement in fifa 15. EA has given a lot of importance to redesign the emotions , visuals of the players. The pitches would be very realistic as footprints and marks are clearly visible on the pitch. The resolution would be better and grounds would look more colorful and intense. Man to Man tackle and further game controls have been enhanced making playing the game more interesting. More advanced technology will give you a realistic experience while handling the tackle and ball possession.

ball possesion

The match environment would be dynamic and stadiums will look alive plus the emotions have been intensified which will make the over all experience of playing fifa 15 more fun.


Fifa 15 Pre-Order :Good news for all the Fifa game lovers , fifa 15 is available to pre order now. The game is available to pre order on all major online retailers like Amazon, Gamespot and Best Buy. The price for Xbox-One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox-360 is same $59.99. Though the PC version is not yet available now pre order now.The pre-oder for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition is also available price at $69.99 for all platform including Xbox-One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox-360. You can pre-order your FIFA 15 copy here. Simply choose your game and platform before ordering.


So for all the football lovers , drop your comments below to let us know your thoughts about the Fifa 15.