FIFA to use goal-line technology at the 2014 World Cup

FIFA to use goal-line technology at the 2014 World Cup


FIFA will be using the goal-line technology at the 2014 World Cup and hope it eliminates referee’s mistakes

FIFA has announced that it will use the goal-line technology (GLT) in the next year’s World Cup to be held in Brazil. GoalControl, a German firm, will provide the goal-line technology system at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Surprisingly, FIFA chose GoalControl-4D over three other firms: GoalRef and Cairos, which both use magnetic sensor fields; and Hawk-Eye, another camera system which was considered the favourite. Hawk-Eye is already used in tennis and cricket and has proved to be quite successful in both the sports.

GoalControl-4D – How it works

Here is the mode of operation of GoalControl-4D (via BBC)

  • 14 cameras, seven per goalmouth positioned high around stadium
  • All objects within camera range are tracked
  • Ball’s position is continuously and automatically captured in three dimensions (X, Y and Z coordinates) when close to the goal
  • Players and referee filtered out by GoalControl computer system
  • System shows the ball’s position in 3D to within a few millimetres
  • If the ball crosses the goal line, the system sends an encrypted radio signal to the referee’s watch in less than one second
  • Virtual 3D image of incident from any camera angle can be shown on screen

How the GoalControl-4D system works (source

However, referees will have the final say when it comes to goal line technology. That means referees can reject the use of goal-line technology or even overrule it if they have any doubt and the doubt cannot be corrected by the provider who is on site.

Fans have called for years for the football world to use technology aimed at eliminating human error. Even Sepp Blatter had come forward in the support of goal-line technology after watching Frank Lampard’s legitimate goal being disallowed by the referee in the FIFA World Cup 2010.

Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal in the 2010 World Cup that arose much criticism from the fans and media

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