FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Logo and Poster

FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Logo and Poster

The Football World Cup is one of the most watched and anticipated sporting event in the world. From the moment it starts till the moment it ends, each World Cup has innumerable moments associated with it that live on years after the event comes to an end. Fans from all over the world dedicate 1 month of their lives and come together to celebrate the sport of football, supporting their teams in every possible way they can.

Hence, it becomes important to introduce an official emblem that forms the identity of any event. For all those associated with the event, from the organisers to the fans and players, this emblem symbolises their association with football and gets itched in the minds of everyone that become a part of that event. Ever since the inception of the World Cup, in 1930, every World Cup has had its own logo and poster and 2014 is no different. Here is a look a the FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Logo and Poster.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Logo

The FIFA World Cup 2014 Logo has been named “Inspiration”. The design stems from an iconic photograph of three victorious hands together raising the world’s most famous trophy. As well as depicting the humanitarian notion of hands interlinking, the portrayal of the hands is also symbolic of the yellow and green of Brazil warmly welcoming the world to their country.

Victory and union are the two elements which are vividly depicted through the hands featured in the design. While forming a clear link to the colours of the Brazilian national flag, the green and yellow colours also advert to two of the strongest features of life in Brazil – the golden beaches and beautiful sun reflected in the yellow tones, with green representing the strong tropical interior that Brazil is so famous for.

Brazilian graphic designer Alexandre Wollner has criticized the design, suggesting that it resembles a hand covering a face in shame, as well as the process through which it was chosen, which had a jury that excluded professional graphic designers.

However, there are also allegations that the FIFA World Cup 2014 logo might be copied.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Poster

The official poster for the FIFA World Cup 2014 was announced on January 30, 2013. Four FIFA World Cup winners Amarildo, Carlos Alberto Torres, Bebeto and Ronaldo, as well as women’s football star Marta, were invited by FIFA to unveil the design. The Official poster was designed by Brazilian creative agency Crama, which was selected ahead of two other designs.

The artwork depicts the beauty and diversity of Brazil through colourful, emotional and vibrant design. The creative concept at the heart of the poster is “An entire country at football’s service – Brazil and football: one shared identity”, which inspired Crama to shape the winning design. This is evident throughout the poster, particularly where the player’s legs challenging for the football reveal the map of Brazil.

As mentioned above, every FIFA World Cup since 1930 has had its unique logo. Lets travel back in time and look at all the FIFA World Cup logos since 1930.

According to you, which was the best FIFA World Cup logo? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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