FIFA World Cup 2014 schedule in Pacific Time :

Few days left to the launch of FIFA World Cup 2014 – Brazil. Fans from all over the globe are ready to witness this amazing competition between world’s top 32 teams. It is going to be very interesting to see who comes out as the winner. The schedule of matches is already out, but it differs with ┬áthe timezone. In this Post, the FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule in the Pacific time is mentioned . To make it easier for you we have included the pdf file link via which you can download the pdf file of Football World Cup 2014 Schedule for the Pacific Time.

Football World Cup 2014 Schedule in pacific time

As you Know the competition will remain for 32 days and matches will be played in various stadium across Brazil.The competition will continue for 64 days. The fans of FIFA can also see the Live Streaming of the Matches.

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Pacific Time Schedule

Date Game Group Venue Pacific Time
Thu 12 Brazil at Croatia Group A Sao Paulo 1:00 pm ESPN
Fri 13 Mexico at Cameroon Group A Natal 9:00 am ESPN2
Fri 13 Spain at Netherlands Group B Salvador 12:00 pm ESPN
Fri 13 Chile at Australia Group B Cuibata 3:00 pm ESPN2
Sat 14 Colombia at Greece Group C Belo Horizonte 9:00 am ABC
Sat 14 Uruguay at Costa Rica Group D Fortaleza 12:00 pm ABC
Sat 14 England at Italy Group D Manaus 3:00 pm ESPN
Sat 14 Ivory Coast at Japan Group C Recife 6:00 pm ESPN
Sun 15 Switzerland at Ecuador Group E Brasilia 9:00 am ABC
Sun 15 France at Honduras Group E Porto Alegre 12:00 pm ABC
Sun 15 Argentina at Bosnia-Herzogovina Group F Rio de Janeiro 3:00 pm ESPN
Mon 16 Germany at Portugal Group G Salvador 9:00 am ESPN
Mon 16 Iran at Nigeria Group F Curitiba 12:00 pm ESPN
Mon 16 Ghana at United States Group G Natal 3:00 pm ESPN
Tue 17 Belgium at Algeria Group H Belo Horizonte 9:00 am ESPN2
Tue 17 Brazil at Mexico Group A Fortaleza 12:00 pm ESPN
Tue 17 Russia at South Korea Group H Cuiaba 3:00 pm ESPN
Wed 18 Australia at Netherlands Group B Port Alegre 9:00 am ESPN
Wed 18 Spain at Chile Group B Rio de Janiero 12:00 pm ESPN
Wed 18 Cameroon at Croatia Group A Manaus 3:00 pm ESPN
Thu 19 Colombia at Northern Virginia Majestics Group C Brasilia 9:00 am ESPN
Thu 19 Uruguay at England Group D Sao Paulo 12:00 pm ESPN
Thu 19 Japan at Greece Group C Natal 3:00 pm ESPN
Fri 20 Italy at Costa Rica Group D Recide 9:00 am ESPN
Fri 20 Switzerland at France Group E Salvador 12:00 pm ESPN
Fri 20 Honduras at Ecuador Group E Curitiba 3:00 pm ESPN
Sat 21 Argentina at Iran Group F Belo Horizonte 9:00 am ESPN
Sat 21 Germany at Ghana Group G Fortaleza 12:00 pm ESPN
Sat 21 Nigeria at Bosnia-Herzogovina Group F Cuiaba 3:00 pm ESPN
Sun 22 Belgium at Russia Group H Rio de Janiero 9:00 am ABC
Sun 22 South Korea at Algeria Group H Porto Alegre 12:00 pm ABC
Sun 22 United States at Portugal Group G Manaus 3:00 pm ESPN
Mon 23 Netherlands at Chile Group B Sao Paolo 9:00 am ESPN
Mon 23 Australia at Spain Group B Curitiba 9:00 am ESPN2
Mon 23 Croatia at Mexico Group A Recife 1:00 pm ESPN
Mon 23 Cameroon at Brazil Group A Brasilia 1:00 pm ESPN2
Tue 24 Costa Rica at England Group D Belo Horizonte 9:00 am ESPN2
Tue 24 Italy at Uruguay Group D Natal 9:00 am ESPN
Tue 24 Greece at Ivory Coast Group C Fortaleza 1:00 pm ESPN2
Tue 24 Japan at Colombia Group C Cuiaba 1:00 pm ESPN
Wed 25 Bosnia-Herzogovina at Iran Group F Salvador 9:00 am ESPN2
Wed 25 Nigeria at Argentina Group F Port Alegre 9:00 am ESPN
Wed 25 Honduras at Switzerland Group E Manaus 1:00 pm ESPN2
Wed 25 Ecuador at France Group E Rio de Janeiro 1:00 pm ESPN
Thu 26 United States at Germany Group G Recife 9:00 am ESPN
Thu 26 Portugal at Ghana Group G Brasilia 9:00 am ESPN2
Thu 26 Algeria at Russia Group H Curitiba 1:00 pm ESPN2
Thu 26 South Korea at Belgium Group H Sao Paulo 1:00 pm ESPN
Sat 28 Winner Group A at Runner Up Group B Round of 16 Belo Horizonte 9:00 am ABC
Sat 28 Winner Group B at Runner Up Group D Round of 16 Rio de Janiero 1:00 pm ABC
Sun 29 Winner Group C at Runner Up Group A Round of 16 Fortaleza 9:00 am ESPN
Sun 29 Winner Group D at Runner Up Group C Round of 16 Recife 1:00 pm ESPN
Mon 30 Winner Group E at Runner Up Group F Round of 16 Brasilia 9:00 am ESPN
Mon 30 Winner Group F at Runner Up Group H Round of 16 Porto Alegre 1:00 pm ESPN

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