Football teams nicknames and their meanings

We all have heard some unusual names being used to refer to our favorite teams from a friend or even read it in the newspaper or on the internet but never bothered to see what it actually means. While some football teams nicknames are just a simple translation in their languages, some nicknames have a long history associated with them. It is common for a team to have multiple nicknames as the fans love calling their teams by different names.

Let us take a look at the football teams nicknames of all the 32 teams competing in the FIFA World Cup 2014

Football Teams Nicknames and their meanings


  •  Algeria – Les Fennecs, Les Guerriers du Désert
    Desert Foxes, The Desert Warriors
  •  Cameroon – Lions Indomptables
    Indomitable Lions
  •  Ghana – Black Stars
  •  Ivory Coast – Les Éléphants
    The Elephants
  •  Nigeria – Super Eagles


  •  Australia – Socceroos
    The name is derived from a well-known symbol of Australia, in this case the kangaroo. The words soccer and kangaroo are combined into a portmanteau word as soccer-roo.
  •   Japan – サムライブルース translated as Samurai Blues
    The Blue Samurai
  •   IranTeam Mehdi or Team Melli
    The national team (in Persian). Also called Shirants Perse (“the Persian Lions” in Persian)
  •  South KoreaTaegeuk Jeonsa
    The Taegeuk Warriors. Taegeuk being similar to the concept of yin and yang, the symbol of which is found on their flag. They are also known as the red devils.


  •   Belgium – Les Diables Rouges, Rode Duivels
    The Red Devils(in French and Flemish)
  •   Bosnia and Herzegovina – Zmajevi, Ljljani, Zlatni Ljiljani
    The Dragons, (Golden)Lilies
  •   Croatia – Vatreni, Kockasti
    The Fiery Ones; The Chequered Ones
  •   England – The Three Lions
    The English national team has a logo of three lions on their white shirts. These three lions have a long history behind them. The lions also feature on the national jersey of the England Cricket team.
  •   France – Les Blues
    The Blues in French
  •   Germany – Die Mannschaft, or Die Nationalelf
    ‘The Team’, ‘The National Eleven’ (in German)
  •   Greece – Το Πειρατικό (To Piratiko)
    The Pirate Ship
  •   Italy – Squadra Azzurra; Azzurri
    Blue Team; The Blues in Italian. Also sometimes referred to as la Nazionale (“the National Team”)
  •   Netherlands – Oranje
    Orange, Clockwork Orange, The Flying Dutchmen
  •   Portugal – Selecção das Quinas
    Selection of the five(in Portuguese) referring to their national shield design
  •   Russia – Sbornaya
    ‘Team’ or the National Team
  •   Spain – La Furia Roja, La Roja, La Furia
    The Red Fury, The Red, The Fury in Spanish.
  •   Switzerland – The Schweizer Nati
    The Swiss National Team


  •   Costa Rica – Los Ticos
    Spanish slang for natives of Costa Rica. Also known as Tricolor (“the Tricolors” in Spanish), la Roja (“the Reds”), la Sele (“the Selection”)
  •  Honduras – La Bicolor, La H
    The Bicolor,  The letter H(Honduras).
  •  Mexico – La Plaga Negra, El Tri
    The Black Plague. Tricolour.
  •  USA – Stars and Strikes or the Yanks

South America(CONMEBOL)

  •   Argentina – La Albiceleste
    The White and Sky-Blue in Spanish
  •   Brazil – Seleção
    The Selection/Team (in Portuguese). Other names that are sometimes used are Verde-Amarela (Green and Yellow) and Pentacampeões (Five Time Champions)
  •  ChileLa Roja
    The Red
  •  Columbia – Los Cafeteros
    The Coffee Growers
  •   Ecuador – Amarillos, La Tri
    Yellows, The Tricolour
  •  Uruguay – La Celeste
    The Sky Blue

These were the football teams nicknames of all the 32 teams competing in the 2014 World Cup. Which is your favorite team? Let us know in the comment section below.